Adding to the ongoing debate after scores of Malaysians were forced to u-turn at the Singapore checkpoints yesterday, a foreign talent by the name of Fabrice Passicos, a French national gave his 2 cents on the foreigner situation in Singapore.

He says:

“Well, I’m a French person, and I worked in Singapore. Without Malaysian workers, Singapore would be in such trouble. I find Singaporeans people very lazy, very arrogant, and so often on sick leaves….

On top of it, Singapore is not even a good place where to live. Expensive, only concrete, unfriendly local people…

And on this forum, I can again read nasty comments against Malaysian people who struggle to go to work.

Singapore deserves to disappear from the map. Bunch of cowards, that’s easier to hit poor Malaysian people rather than fighting your government which is a total dictatorship.”

Why is Singapore welcoming such French foreign talents into Singapore? First he called all Singaporeans lazy, arrogant people who love to chao geng. Second he insists Singapore is an expensive shit place to live in. Third he says Singapore deserves to disappear from the map? Does he wish to terminate Singapore’s existence?

Did Fabrice Passicos just followed in Edz Ello’s footsteps by calling for the termination of Singapore’s existence? Will the authorities take action against such seditious speech by an Ang Moh foreign talent?

Or was poor Fabrice’s Facebook hacked? Singaporeans are watching.

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