If one has read and understood the petition against his performance, one would see that his sexual orientation was not the main issue.

Rather, the main concern was over his controversial performance history, fraught with lewd and sexualised acts, which would be inappropriate for Celebrate 2016.

The writer stated that one must look at Mr Lambert from the perspective of his performance and the audience’s enjoyment. The petition was precisely concerned with wholesome entertainment that the whole family, including young children, can enjoy.

I also agree with the writer of “Adam Lambert furore: No objections heard over Elton” (Dec 8) that Mr Lambert’s participation in Celebrate 2016 will not be an issue so long as he abides by our public performance rules.

This writer mentioned that there was no objection to tennis star Martina Navratilova’s involvement in the Women’s Tennis Association Finals or to singer Elton John’s performance.

This is rightly so because they were not at risk of performing indecent acts publicly. Again, their sexual orientation was not the main concern.

People who think the concerns about Mr Lambert show bigotry and homophobia fail to understand that if he were a heterosexual performer with a similar sexualised performance history, the petition’s concerns would still be valid.

Public discourse would benefit from more clarity of thought and better understanding of one another. We should learn to distinguish between issues clearly, so that we can identify what is right and what is not.

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