Dear Editors,

As a Malaysian working in Singapore, I am very frustrated with the extremely super long queues at the checkpoints everyday for the past weeks! I wake up so early in the morning, start to queue at the custom and what happens?

Your checkpoint authorities without informing closed the checkpoint to control the number of people flowing into Singapore? Thousands of us are trapped at the checkpoint, unable to enter Singapore for our jobs.

With no end to the wait, many of us had to make a U-turn and call in to take leave from our workplace. This is unfair to us. Why do you do this and mess up our plans? Why you cannot open or lanes or hire more people to speed up clearance? You are Singapore sure can very efficient rite?

I can only blame my own government for being useless, cannot provide me jobs at home. I please with checkpoint authorities, have pity on us and speed up your checks, it is getting ridiculous and having huge inconvenience on our daily lives! If not for the 3 : 1 exchange rate, I den dun wan to suffer like this everyday!

Ho Seng
A.S.S. Contributor

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