BEWARE OF THIS DRIVER IF U WANT TO LIVE! (grabcar is not attending to my complaint, thus help me make this viral) OPEN TO SHARE!

“I called for a grabcar from marina square to Tanjong Rhu. It was supposed to only take 7-10 min max instead the journey took 40 minutes. But my biggest complain is regarding his reckless driving. A couple of distressing incidences that happened throughout the journey.

Firstly, at raffles blvd when he picked me up, he stopped the car at a dangerous position whereby he was endangering a car behind.

When entering the expressway, instead of turning into ECP(CHANGI) (I instructed him to keep left a few times) but he went right instead, into MCE/AYE. I told him to take the next exit which is MBS. I actually told him to turn right towards nicoll highway, instead he turned left and made a u turn. He insisted on using the google maps which I understand that the grabcar drivers are advised to do so. I agreed.

He went back into ECP(CHANGI). I was seated directly behind him so I was observing the Google maps from his phone and it directed to exit at fort road but he made another wrong turn and entered KPE(PIE). With no other choice I told him to exit at paya lebar.

Thinking that he knew where we were heading towards, I started engaging on my phone. After awhile, I looked out the window and realized he made yet another wrong turn into nicoll highway. By now I was agitated. So I told him to follow the map.

At the cross junction between republic ave and republic blvd, he needed to turn right. It was green light but wasn’t green arrow yet. So the cars heading straight had the right of way. Instead of stopping he proceeded with the turn and that was when we almost got into an accident from an oncoming car. The oncoming car was inches away. It was at this point that I started shouting and I braced myself for impact thinking that the car was going to collide into us. We narrowly escaped that close call but at the end of the turn his rear right tyre mounted the curb.

I was in a state of shock and broke down instantly. He told me not to cry. He then proceeded to enter ECP(CHANGI) AGAIN. This time I made sure he exited fort road. It was then I finally came to my senses and started questioning him as to whether he saw the oncoming car or not. He replied “Yes I saw it.” So I asked “why didn’t you slow down?” He said he did. Coming from an experienced driver myself, he definitely didn’t slow down and it was a move that endangered my life and his.

While this conversation was happening, he made ANOTHER WRONG TURN. He then proceeded to make his way towards tanjung rhu but this time he missed the turn and turned right into Mountbatten rd. At this very second I felt it was just too much and all I wanted to do was alight from the car. I insisted on him stopping the car but instead he made an illegal u turn. He was persistent on sending me to my destination. Afraid that if I pestered him further to stop the car, he would react rashly, I reluctantly complied. After the dreadful 40 mins journey that could have been 7 mins, I finally reached tanjung rhu.

By now I was late for my appointment and still in a state of daze. It took me 4 days to recover from the shock in order to write in this complaint. It was during this 4 days, my work performance was affected. It brought back nightmares of a previous accident i experienced in Australia not too long ago.

I am deeply saddened by this traumatizing incident by this particular grabcar driver. Furthermore, I am worried for the safety of the other passengers who may come across such a reckless and dangerous driver.

When I started having flashbacks about the upsetting episode, I felt that the driver was driving under the influence (DUI) as he was incapable of following simple instructions, repeatedly making wrong turns, constantly tailgating and making sudden jam brakes.

I hope disciplinary action will be taken to ensure the safety of all passengers.”

Az-zahra Sabari

Booking no.
ADR 6305230-2-035

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