I dont usually do this but please take some time to read. This is the least i could do to help someone

I went for my usual haircut at Elias Mall this afternoon. The shop is owned by an old couple and the main hairdresser is the husband. While having my haircut, the man received a call on his phone and he spoke in mandarin to the caller. From his response, I can roughly tell that the caller is the landlord and he/she is chasing for rent. The old man kept apologising and explained that business isn’t too good recently.

He then ended the call and tried not to look affected as he continued with my haircut. But deep down i knew that he’s feeling helpless and stressed out. I really sympathise with them given the fact that they’re old and they have to struggle to make ends meet. Also, the phone that the old man was using was an old nokia model. Even maids these days own better mobile phones than him.

So to those who live in the east, help him out and visit his shop for a haircut, it’s really not that bad at $12 per haircuit for males. His shop is called The Hair Secret and it is located at 625 Elias Rd, Elias Mall, level 2. He opens from 11am to 8:30pm everyday. He can be contacted at 91600226 – Johnson.

Take the escalator up from level 1, walk straight in and you should be able to spot the shop.

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