My younger brother had a bad experienceat one of the chain outlet of Dollars & Scents, a local biz which supplies Cosmetics & Beauty products.

The shop is named Perfume Forever located at Jurong Point Mall..

The boss at this particular location was not only nasty but also rude. who Smugly challenged me to lodge a complain with CASE when it was clearly fault on his part. Without even trying to resolve the matter. He see simply waved his hands as one would do when warding off flies.

Freaking Rude.

But I reckon the reason behind this bugger’s sucky attitude was probably due to the fact that his customers could not be bothered to bring themselves down to his level. .
Simply because they are not worth the trouble.. for a small amount of money wasted at his shop, the time needed to solve this matter is simply not worthwhile.

I believe we are not the Unlucky first and definitely won’t be the last. I definitely hope he gets his “returns” soon enough…

My purpose is to caution about potential customers… would you want to contribute to such pple… even if the prices they offer might seem like a good bargain….

Below is the review that my brother had posted on their FB page… which once again was conveniently ignored.

< I bought a bottle of ladies perfume from your Jurong Point outlet last Thursday. Upon discovering on Friday night that the bottle broke and was leaking, I brought it back on Saturday morning. Was served by your sales staff, of which one was very defensive and started the inspection by denying that the bottle was your stock, which later became accusations of me breaking the bottle and trying to get it changed. The other lady was nice and courteous to me and I would like to thank her for making her stand to me nicely. I do understand, but at the same time, I find it hard to agree as your point is that the onus is on me to make sure the item was in perfect condition before I leave. I also find it hard to agree with your defensive salesgirl that the item is definitely in perfect condition when she handled it and it became broken in my possession. No camera was with me to prove that I broke the item, but I seriously doubt any camera was on the item from the moment it left the warehouse to the moment I took over. Also, to the boss of the outlet who spoke to my sister, I'm not sure when you spoke to me, in a nice tone, because if my memory serves me right, you were standing by the side watching the scene unfold. Maybe you would like to check your cctv which overlooks your cashier? I'm also not so sure that you would challenge each and every unsatisfied customer to lodge a report with the centre's management and a consumer watchdog association. The customer is not always right, but neither are you. I'll not rate your outlet 1 star just because of 1 bad experience. I've been there 6 times in the past and each of it has been fine, great actually. I remember being served by the boss the first time I was there. It just happens that my 7th and last is a horrible one. To defensive salesgirl: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Just because I've been to your shop 6 times in the past does not mean your goods are perfect each and every time. I'm sure the negative reviews must have taught you so. Just because you were well yesterday does not mean you won't fall sick tomorrow. The opposite is also true. To the boss: I'm sure the management has told you of my decision to report you to case. However, a cost/benefit analysis has revealed that the time and energy spent on this particular episode would be a waste as what I would gain out of this is just probably another bottle of perfume which I help my colleague buy, or even nothing, as you have obstinately demonstrated to the Jurong Point management who has kindly tried to mediate matters. It's no longer about the cost of the perfume as I am able to absorb the loss, but just the loss of confidence that a loyal, albeit a not-a-big-enough-spender-for-you-to-remember customer has in you. I'll take note to actually open my purchases to check in future, but I'm fairly sure that my business will not go to you. >

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