I recently made purchases with Groupon but they have failed to deliver products. It’s not just me alone, many others have not received theirs too. After much spamming on their FB page, they finally replied (with a templated reply in fact), claiming that their Customer Care Office is flooded with calls & emails thus they are unable to pick up any calls now or that their Customer Care & Social Media are of different teams. When we tried calling, we get automated reply saying that the office is closed (for 2 weeks now btw).

One victim went down to the office address stated in their website & found out that the office has already been cleared out. It was also stated in the building management’s website that the office space (supposedly rented by Groupon) is currently vacant.

We consumers have been trying to get an explanation from them but they are not responding to our concerns at all. All they could provide is their templated reply, which is disappointing.

I posted on their FB page stating that if they are not delivering products & not providing any explanation still, i will proceed to lodge reports with the police as well as CASE.

Not only did they not respond, they even took my posts down (together with a few others who posted). They commented & told us to send them PMs with our deals’ details in order for them to look into the matter. We did as told but some got ridiculous emails on products that they did not purchase, some of us (like me) did not even have our PMs read.

What’s worse is Groupon is still promoting deals & offering promos on their app roping more consumers to purchase.

We hope to urge everyone to stop purchasing deals from Groupon (at least till this entire saga is resolved). Many of us do not mind refunds if products are not delivered, but they are not doing anything at all !

Angry Groupon Customer

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