Singaporeans-first policies impact integration of foreigners

I refer to the article Singaporeans-first policies ‘may affect integration of foreigners’ (Channel NewsAsia, Dec 15).


It states that “Still, Singaporeans also have to be conscious of reaching out to new immigrants, said Assoc Prof Ho. “We have a clear sense of what it means to be Singaporean, but we also need to be open to the idea that the ‘Singaporean-ness’ will evolve as our demographics change.””


“Foreigners first” policies?

Whilst the research study is on Chinese immigrants who are PRs – it may throw up the contentious issue of “foreigners’ first policies, which may arguably tilt the playing field in the favour of foreigners viv-a-vis Singaporeans.


For example,

Employers do not have to pay CPF for foreign workers.

Foreign males do not have national service reservist liability.

Foreign work permit females cannot get pregnant.

PRs can choose not to do national service when they reach the age of 18 by leaving Singapore.                     

PRs can withdraw their CPF if they leave Singapore permanently.

More scholarships are given to foreigners and PRs than Singaporeans.


Foreigners can come as tourists to look for jobs, but not vice versa.


Employers must purchase at least $15,000 of hospitalisation insurance for foreign workers and go to the higher class B1 ward and treatment.


Employers do not have to compulsorily purchase hospitalisation insurance for Singaporean workers – who have to pay for themselves their MediShield Life premiums which covers the lower class C and B2 ward and treatment.

Have a national jobs portal that encourages employers to hire Singaporeans first, but cannot give any statistics as to what proportion of the jobs actually went to Singaporeans.
It may also be interesting to note that whenever fees are increased for foreigners and PRs for anything – there has never been any decrease for Singaporeans.
Are there any countries in the world that have so many “foreigners first”, instead of “citizens first” policies?
Uniquely “Singaporeans First”!
Leong Sze Hian
A.S.S. Contributor

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