Dear Editors,

I am writing this to urge all Singaporeans to love each other regardless of race,language & religion while we still can.Almost everyday i’m seeing news about racism in Singapore & i’m getting sick and tired of all these.

Where have our racial harmony gone to? I’m a local born Singaporean and lately i’ve been observing how the mainstream media is also being used and being put in a way to create suspicion and to slowly divide us through our race and religion.

Let me tell u this;the world we are living in ain’t all sunshine and rainbows,it’s a very mean and nasty place. We have politicians who no longer serve the people but serve the rich and powerful bankers who controls the world for their hidden agenda,the new world order.These rich & powerful people are willing to do anything for their motive in creating a single government and having people in this world to have the same faith of religion.

Their mission is to conquer this world.They will start off by informing you the news about things they want you to know and keeping silent about important things that is also happening at the same time,when it is not of their interest.Well let’s just say this..if you rely on TV to tell you the truth then you are under control.

To sum up my writing,i just hope that Singaporeans learn to understand,respect & tolerate people from different races and religion. When u have something bad to say about people from other races/religion please keep it to yourself because judging on other people’s beliefs doesn’t make u a better person. After all,we are all humans;we need each other to survive in this world.

Besides that,please do your own research before believing the news reported in the mainstream media because what is reported in the mainstream media may not be credible.We are stuck in a generation where lying is the new truth.Salute to whoever who is reading this; wherever u are.Peace let us stay united as Singaporeans

John Doe
A.S.S. Contributor

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