A 24-hour massage parlour and spa has been found to be a front for sex activities and sensual pleasures. The parlour, which is operated by 5 or 6 young PRC female masseuses and opened up about 6 months ago, was only supposed to provide foot and body massages, but nearby shop assistants and residents observed that its clientele consists of a steady stream of men who patronise the shop at all hours of the day.

One shop assistant said: The customers are mostly male. Some enter from the front, while others enter from the back door. One night, I saw a smartly dressed man leave from the back door and drive away in a fancy car, but only after sharing a passionate goodbye with a female worker,”

Another resident questioned why there was a need for the massage parlour to be open 24 hours since traffic in the residential area was low at night. “Why would anyone feel like having a massage in the middle of the night? I suspect the shop is not so innocent.”

To investigate further, a reporter pretended to be a customer and visited the shop. He found out that besides the massages advertised, 3 other “special services” are also provided, with one of the services reserved for regulars only. When probed further, a masseuse was reluctant to reveal further and only said “I will show you next time.”

Upon entering the shop, three masseuses immediately approached and asked if he had made a reservation. When they found out that no reservation was made, their expressions immediately changed and became unfriendly. There were six small rooms with shower facilities in the shop. Customers who had made reservations would immediately be ushered into the shower once they went into the rooms.

The reporter chose the one-hour massage package. The first 45 minutes proceeded like a typical massage session.

But at the end of the session, the masseuse told him: “We can’t earn much if you don’t take up the extra services.”

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