I am utterly disappointed with Stamford Catering! I catered for 85pax for my son’s baby shower on the 12th of Dec(saturday). The portion of food that came was so little probably enough for only max 60+ people! I was horrible embarrassed when some of my guests asked me for how many people I catered for when they watched as the delivery man did the set up.

Due to space constraint, the delivery man had to combine 2 trays of each dish I ordered into 1 tray (except for the curry veggie and the chicken parmigiano as the gravy would overflow), in the end even the presentation of the dishes were so messy! Only the portion of the butter rice, beehoon and chicken was just right. Especially for the fuyong egg with crab meat, fish with teriyaki sauce and creamy butter prawns (not even creamy at all), all the portions were pathetically little! Even the beverages were insufficient! Only 2 containers for 85 pax?!!

Also, there was no extra paper plates, bowls, cups and utensils provided! Only 2 extra packets of serviettes! I had to go out to the nearest 7-11 to buy myself!! Called the person in charge, mobile phone was switched off (so why bother to give me the contact number to call after office hours?), called the other operation numbers and your operations manager (Mr Ng) & sales manager took 1hr+ to call me back!

The set up is at 4pm and your staffs called me back at 5pm+ then tell me there’s nothing they can do because the chefs had left the kitchen so not able to redeliver any food! So what about my guests?! And your sales manager could only tell me that the portion that was delivered was according to what i catered for! And that she would arrange for the boss to call me back by Monday! And until now not a single person called! Worst caterer and service ever!

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