Dear Editor,

Few days ago I read in the news that a mobile phone shop owner, Alan Ang, 35, was fined $5000 for slapping a woman parking attendant after he was unhappy that he was asked to pay $1.50 for parking for half an hour.

He also pushed her to the ground, leaving her with abrasions to her hands and right knee. Alan Ang was also fined for trading second-hand mobile phones without a licence.

Ang and his wife entered the Pearls Centre carpark at about 3pm on May 19 and as they got back into their car about half an hour later, Ms Gan Lu, who was the parking attendant, approached the couple and asked them to pay $1.50. That was when Ang alighted from his car and quarrelled with Ms Lu, slapped her across her left cheek and pushed her down.

Actually I know this guy Alan Ang Leon Kiat. He is a handphone shop boss from shop name Starzfocus in toa Payoh, people’s park Centre , commonwealth and I work for him before.

He is really bad guy, arrogant and claim himself very rich. He is actually no different from Sim Lim Jover Chew. He always allow his staff to bully customers and hard sell handphone.

They always sell more expensive and if the phone is something wrong they would just ignore you. I feel guilty so i only work 2 weeks then resign.

Alan Ang tell the judge he don’t know anything about license and just let his employees do the job. But he started his business in 2007 and until now still dunno. It’s so lame, he know how to cheat money but don’t know how to apply license.

He also tell the judge he has no money to compensate the parking attendant. But actually he is staying condominium, very rich, he driving estima big car, and can afford to have 5 children. He is so haolian of his wealth, he would take photo of himself with lots of cash and put on facebook. Fine him $5000 is too little because he already earn so much from his shady business.

Former staff of Starzfocus Mobile

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