Dear Editor,

I was at Nex shopping mall over the weekend to watch a kids show with my 4 years old daughter. As my daughter is old enough to take care of herself for this type of outing, I told her to go watch the show herself and I will be outside waiting. When show finish, I told her to meet me at Uniqlo and don’t anyhow run cuz I wanted to do some shopping there also.

But as the show going to start I feel quite disturbed as many parents were sitting with their children and taking up the space that was meany for the children. Other children were finding it difficult to get nearer and cannot see because adults were taller. The organisers also anticipated this and advised that if your child is younger than 3 years old, you can watch with him/her and sit the child on the lap, so that more other kids can watch.

But clearly Singaporeans don’t care for others and since this is no need tickets so everyone just want to go in and sit closer. You can see from the picture that majority of the people near the stage are actually adults and very big kids, most older than 4 years old.

I don’t know if Singapore parents cannot understand simple instructions, or just kiasu or just over-protective of their kids, or just all of the above. Singapore parents so educated but behave so badly.


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