Suspected of clocking losses at the casino, a foreign worker was found hanged at Gardens By The Bay.

The deceased, Muru, 35 year-old, left his hometown and his then-pregnant wife six years ago to come to Singapore to work.

The deceased’s uncle said that Muru was a good husband and took good care of his family. Every month he will send home half of his salary.

Muru was said to have stopped remitting money home six months ago and two months ago he told his cousin that he was in financial difficulties.

The cousin, who as at the morgue, shared that two weeks ago Muru suddenly looked for him and said that he was in money problem. The cousin later found out from his colleagues that he lost money at MBS casino and was in debt.

Muru’s uncle said that Muru had never seen or hug his daughter ever since he left his home to work in Singapore. He could only see his daughter from photos. Now that he is dead, the daughter will never see his father again.

Muru’s supervisor said that he last saw the deceased on Friday at about 7pm when he knocked off from work. He did not notice anything unusual and Muru even cheerfully told him he was going to look for his relative.

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