Her weight plummet from 49kg to 29kg as a financial trader and his wife were charged for ill-treating their domestic helper. They were accused of only allowing their maid to eat two meals of bread and instant noodles for more than a year.

The husband and wife are 林俊宏 and 钟瑞凤. Both are 47 year-old. The husband is a financial trader and his wife is a home-maker.

They are charged under labour law for not feeding their sufficiently their Filipino helper 戴尔玛 (40 year-old) from 23 Jan 2013 to 18 Apr 2014, causing her weight to decrease by 20kg.

Both the accused deny the charges.

The prosecution has called on six witnesses for their case. This morning, the first witness was doctor 林慧宇 from Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She treated the domestic helper and wrote her medical report. According to the report, when the helper was admitted to A&E, her weight was only 29kg. She also said the helper’s sudden and drastic weight loss was likely due to insufficient intake of food.

Upon admittance, the helper told the A&E duty doctor that she doesn’t have enough food and has not felt full for a year. She also said she has been suffering from insomnia for months and did not have her period for about a year.

During her stay in the hospital, the helper’s appetite was very good and her weight returned back to a healthier 43kg.

The helper is said to escape to a shelter after being subject to months of starvation. She was sent to the hospital by volunteers from the shelter.

According to the volunteer, the helper was only allowed to eat bread and instant noodles for a year, she was not allowed to brush her teeth or use any hot water and she could only shower once a week.

The husband and wife are staying in a condominium and they have 3 children and grandparents staying with them.

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