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Incident happened yesterday, in the early Saturday evening of 12th December 2015 when one of Prime Taxi’s car driver (SHD2489U) drove out of Ngee Ann City’s taxi bay with passengers seen inside the car headed towards Orchard Turn. He made a deadly right turn and beat pass the traffic light which was then clearly red and I was there crossing. Almost hitting both me and my fiancee, I threw my pair of shades at the driver’s window to catch his attention and it did.

Alarmed and agitated by my action, he gestured for me to come to the nearest bus stop (image 3) which was just opposite Ngee Ann City (09011) and while I was walking to the bus stop, CLEARLY ON PURPOSE, HE INTENTIONALLY PUT THE VEHICLE INTO REVERSE AND ATTEMPTED TO HIT ME but the attempt failed as I managed to push myself away (using the back part of the reversing car) and he sped off right after. Anyone in their right mind would see that as at least voluntarily trying to cause hurt if not a murder attempt. A service provider, having passengers in the car together with him, driving a brand, attempted to hit a pedestrian again after almost hitting him less than 5 minutes ago?? You must be kidding this brother man.

A complain was then lodged to Prime Taxi about ten minutes after the incident and Nora, the staff on duty that evening, calmly & professionally wrote up a report and explained how things will be thereafter. And yes, this matter is certainly going straight to the authorities if Prime Taxi cannot do anything about it.

People, please be extra careful especially when you are crossing the road because you will never know when this kind of messed up, psychotic drivers will show up on you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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