While on a Hainan airlines flight from Zhengzhou to Hainan in south China, airline passengers came across a moving sight.

As 71 year-old Mr Niu, who had recently suffered from a stroke, was unable to feed himself, air stewardess Fan Xuesong knelt down in front of the elderly passenger to feed him, bringing the elderly man to tears.

On 8th December, Mr Niu was travelling with his wife on the flight. However, she was not given a priority seat and the two had to sit separately during the flight.

Speaking to reporters, Miss Fan said: ‘When I started to feed him dinner, the old man suddenly began to cry.’

Miss Fan said she had him transferred to the front seat where there is more space and it is more convenient for him to go to the bathroom. It was also because she could better care for him.

At first, Miss Fan fed him rice which he found too hard to chew, so she grabbed a box of noodles, he chocked several times but she was patient.

This made Mr Niu cry even more, so she had to grab some tissues to wipe his tears away.

A passenger who saw the event unfold took a photo then uploaded it to Weibo – Chinese social media similar to Twitter – where it was shared by millions who also felt touched by the story.

The set of pictures were also shared by the official Weibo account of Hainan Airlines, which has more than 1.6 million followers.

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