2 days ago i boarded Bus No 8 frm Ubi with plate number 9572. What trigger us up. Not only me.

1) She stop e bus halfway (aft 2 stop i board e bus)

2) She is speaking loudly to the control room

3) Suddenly she spoke in Chinese language to somebody. And its a foreign chinese language. Its China Language. Something wrong with e bus and tell us to get down. But tat was after i ask someone to translate to us. As there is not only chinese pax on board e bus. But also malay indian.

3) she gave us complimentary tickets and told us to get down

4) i board bus 65 a super friendly bus driver smiles at us . Out of curiousity i ask him. We are given complimentary ticket. So do we need to tap out frm this bus. He told me no need as its a free ride as we had e ticket. As the prev ride was cancel. I as shocked. How was e ride cancel? We were not told to tap out our card. And which mean i have to pay the full price frm Toa Payoh to Tampines.

5) She is not verse in English. Why SBS transit employed staff with ZERO knowledge of english. When we have Malaysian n Singaporea Driver they are well verse. When i checked with the customer service. They claimed that All drivers have to attend English class. But why she cannot speak English? Its very dissapointing that Singapore import foreign talent with ZERO knowledge of english. And they are the one Of our main Ambassador. Especially to our tourist who prefer public transport to take them around singapore. Its an insult for us Pure singaporean to have this type of Foreign Talent as our Ambbasador. This is Singapore not CHINAPORE.

1) why do u let PRC with no English background to drive our bus

2) If the customer Service claimed that all drivers are versed in English why is that driver not at all versed?

3) Why is there no background check of their knowledge of singapore n their Education level. Just bcoz they have e licence.

I came frm a low income family n my daily bus transport is budgeted nicely.. if this thing always occurs to not only me.. how can we survived?

We are talking about one of Singapore Service Ambassadors that is the BUS DRIVERS

If all of you thinks im stating my fact n points

Help me to viral this. We need to step up to this.. we are not against PRC or FC but once u come to Singapore. Kindly learn our basic language.ENGLISH

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