Dear Editors,

Cyclists should only cycle in single file. Most cyclists I see, especially those wearing fancy cycling attires like to cycle side by side. I’m all for everyone sharing the road…but cyclists seem to forget that if they dun ride safely, we drivers may lose our licence / freedom (go to jail) but they may lose their lives.

The problem here is that out roads are extremely busy. When cyclists use the left lane, they cause the drivers in that lane, to push outward half a lane. That in turn, endangers the drivers in the next lane.

So many time I’ve had buses suddenly push outward and into my lane. We need to all share the road. But we also need to ask, if there is space on main roads for bicycles.

Cyclists should not travel ON the Changi Coast Road. Why? It is because there is a purpose built CYCLING TRACK that run parallel to the road!

Furthermore that road is frequently busy with heavy trucks transporting equipment and material for the airport expansion works and goods vehicles shuttling to and fro Changi Airfreight Centre, not to mention military vehicles travelling to and from Pulau Tekong via SAF ferry terminal. To compound the problem, the roads are two lanes per direction.

So why are they on the road when there is a cycling track?! Cyclist please give more consideration to car users.

Eric Teo
A.S.S. Contributor

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