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Dear A.S.S,
Was in a rush in the evening, to buy flims for my next week company Christmas party. Didn't have much time to source out different outlets to check against the prices, went to "Camera Talk Pte Ltd #02-89" at second floor from Sim Lim Square. 
The sales staff offered me $78 and as always I tried to bargain for a lower price. The Sales staff gave a frown and agreed to let go at a $70 price, other sales staff came in and asked why is it not sold at $75? This sentence made me felt more comfortable with the price I had bargained for. 
Before I left the mall, I went to another shop to double check if I had a good deal, to my surprise, it was $39.90. Went back to the shop and asked for a refund 5 minutes apart, the salesman refuse to do a refund and acted aggressively, after a I threaten to report him to CASE, he told me to wait and he will talk to his "Boss". He came back and offered a $20 refund, and wouldn't offer any more than that. I was very furious, I told him is either I get a full refund for he has to give me another box of Flim to balance off the trade. He didn't give in, but my friend told me to give in, paying $50 is better than paying $70. 
During the visit, the salesmans was having another commotion with a European customer, that's when I found something was fishy with the shop. Please help me share this unfortunate story and keep your family and friends away from such troubles.
Huang Z.X
A.S.S Reader

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