Hi friends, singers, artist and event organisers, pls don’t engage this CONMAN TEAM PUYAL RAMESH. He cheated my payment after he engaged me for singing at a wedding function organised by Team Puyal Ramesh on 22nd November 2015 at Singapore flyer, Royal Palm Ballroom.

I was promised by Ramesh that he will pay me after the event ended. But after the event ended, he said he needed to collect the money from the bridegroom and told me to wait.

But i found out through the bridegroom’s friend that he had already collected $2500 in cash before the wedding started. He refused to settle my payment and said he yet to receive payment.

I even saw on facebook that he went to club at Checkmate after the event, to spend the money at the pub to enjoy and drink. When I called him again and asked for payment, he used vulgarities on me.

I lodged a police report against him for cheating. Please be careful when dealing with him. Please claim your payment first before the event.

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