Dear Residents of Singapore,

Recently a PAP politician posted this on her public Facebook page. She did not clarify with us or even attempt to before declaring to everyone in Singapore that this is a scam. We have been a trusted company for many years with many customers pleased with our services. As a politician representing the PAP and the government, we feel that this is very unprofessional as she deemed it on her on that this is a scam purely based on hearsay without actually listening to both parties.

This is totally against the rule of law. We tried contacting her but to no avail. We only managed to talk to a volunteer that is working with her yet we were still denied the chance to actually speak to the politician itself. We were told that the only form of contact possible is through her email which is totally unreasonable as this method of communication is not direct and would only delay the process even longer. If the politician can take a minute to post this one Facebook, why do we have to go through the form of email which probably take mutiple working days just to get a reply when she could simply speak to us on the phone at the very least.

From what we know, this is not the standard procedure that a politician does, a politician would listen to both parties before publicly declaring anything and tarnishing one’s reputation purely based on hearsay.

We are not HDB appointed and non of our salesperson claimed we are. We have already clarified with the resident that asked the MP and it was all just a mistunderstanding.

That’s the whole main point that is why even before clarifying Mdm Lee made that post. You are welcome to check with all customers did we ever once said we are appointed by HDB. Thank you!

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