On 6th November, A.S.S. had posted a video on our Facebook to alert readers and the Singapore Police Force about a pervert seen rubbing his groin against the butts of unsuspecting female commuters on the MRT.

See the video here:

A month later, the same man has struck again! He was spotted at about 7.40PM riding the MRT train towards Pasir Ris, but was caught red handed on camera by a reader for placing his private parts against the butt of another female commuter.

Read our reader’s account here.

PERVERT ALERT: Saw a man (Grey T-shirt) standing real close to a women (Dark blue dress) when I was on the MRT train towards Pasir Ris. I first notice it after the train left City Hall, so I assumed it was an accident given that the victim did not raise an alarm or called for help, as her eyes glued to her phone oblivious to the man just behind her.

However after the MRT train left the tunnel and at around Kallang, that’s where my suspicion grew as I realised he’s still in the same position even after the train went past a few stations. I even moved towards the centre in order to give him an opportunity to move away from her, which he didn’t. I then decided to take a photo of him secretly.

GUESS WHAT? He realised my action and immediately moved a little behind with his private part area no longer touching her back side. Then when the train reaches the next station at Eunos, the coward pervert immediately alighted at there.

When I confronted the victim after the train left the station, I asked her if the man did touch her in whatever ways. To my surprise, she wasn’t aware that the man had his private part area on her backside for about 10 mins.

The incident occurred this evening at around 7.40pm and I have lodged a police report.

Chinese male in his 40s-50s, about 1.6m to 1.8m tall, wearing dark coloured spectacles, grey T-shirt and carrying a dark coloured sling bag.

He was last seen at Enous MRT station platform this evening at 7.45pm. Those who recognised him are advised to call 999 immediately. Thank you very much.

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