An official town council letter circulating on the internet suggests that Potong Pasir soon disappear as an SMC in the next General Elections.

In the letter, the General Manager for Potong Pasir SMC tells residents to pay their S&CC to Jalan Besar Town council with effect from 1st December. This is because Jalan Besar will be taking over the town management duties of Potong Pasir Town Council. This strongly suggests the end of Potong Pasir Town Council and maybe Potong Pasir SMC?

Potong Pasir SMC is the longest held Opposition ward in Singapore. It held out for 27 years under Mr Chiam See Tong but was won over by the PAP in recent years. The legendary Opposition leader was elected in 1984 and it was in GE2011 that Potong Pasir was lost to PAP’s Sitoh Yih Pin.

Do you think Potong Pasir will lose its special status and become just another PAP controlled town?

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