Dear Editors,

Due to urbanization, animals suffer as a consequence of intolerance. There are animal welfare groups looking for dogs and cats, but none for pigeons. So these poor birds are made out to be dangerous disease spreading monsters and they are poisoned regularly.

There have never been any statistic on pigeon transmitting diseases to human locally as far as I know. All animals, human included can spread certain diseases. Pigeons are singled out to spread fear so that it is easier to justify killing them. Likely our medical profession are more ‘dangerous’ than pigeons since we have hepatitis link death and possible respiratory transmission just recently in 2 of our established hospitals.

We understand the need to control the pigeon population in housing estate, but more humane method should be used, instead of poisoning.

It is extremely disturbing even for adults to see poisoned pigeons falling off ledges. Children are visibly upset when witnessing such incident. Most of birds though unable to fly are still alive when they are thrown into bags.

It is very cruel to have them suffered so much pain first by poisoning then suffocation while being culled.

Those pigeons that did not ingest sufficient poison food, flew off and we often see dead birds the next two days at various blocks. If the cleaners do not spot them, the carcass will pose a hygiene problem.

AVA is testing out contraceptive method to reduce pigeon population at a mosque. AVA should expedite on this contraceptive project. Since it has been found to be effective in other countries, they should work with Town Councils to implement it across S’pore.

Sterilization of stray cats has been very effective, thus contraceptive method on pigeons would likely see fruitful results, which years of ruthless poisoning has not.

We are a developed nation, we should stop such cruel culling. Besides the current method contradicts the spirit of the law of cruelty against animals. It also goes against our national kindness movement and compassion teaching of religions.

Georgia Tong
A.S.S. Contributor

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