One “lucky” owner of a white sports convertible received a pair of surprises today when he returned to his vehicle and discovered 2 “love notes” waiting for him on his windscreen.

Shortly after receiving a summons from a parking warden while parked near Sembawang Hawker Center this morning, the same sports car received a light bump from a black SUV driven by local Mandarin celebrity Christopher Lee, who was at the wheel with his wife Fann Wong and his son in tow.

From eye witness reports, the accident took place at about 11AM near the hawker center. After the slight bump, a flustered Christopher Lee alighted from his vehicle and tried to locate the owner to apologize. However, as the owner was away, Lee approached nearby hawkers and diners to ask if anyone had seen the owner, but to no avail.

Finally, after 15 minutes of searching, Lee left his phone number and an apology asking the owner to contact him for compensation.

Ironically, eye witnesses said the very same sports vehicle had already been issued with a parking ticket shortly before the accident.

When the owner of the sports vehicle returned to his vehicle, he saw the note and the parking summons left by Lee, and asked a nearby hawker about what had happened. After finding out what had happened, the owner of the sports car contacted Lee on the spot.

According to a patron seated near where the accident occurred, Lee’s actions showed that he was a responsible driver. This contrasts wildly with his previous conviction in October 2006, when a drunk driving Lee had crashed into a motorcyclist and his pillion rider before fleeing in panic. Lee was identified by an eye-witness during police investigations.

He served 4 weeks jail, paid $4500 in fines and had his license suspended for 3 years in the trial that followed.

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