The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have released a statement today declaring that investigations have no revealed any evidence to suggest foul play in one of Singapore’s biggest healthcare scandals to date.

In October this year, the Singapore General Hospital announced that it had informed the Ministry of Health about a spate of Hepatitis C infections, which may have stemmed from improper syringe handling procedures. The subsequent public outcry over the lapses, and the large number of patients affected at SGH’s renal ward, prompted the hospital to lodge a police report to determine if any foul play was involved.

A total of 25 patients were infected by the virus. Several hundred patients were also recalled for precautionary Hepatitis C screenings.

Opposition parties had issued calls for the government to open a committee of inquiry into the scandal, but the Ministry of Health has flatly refused the request.

The statement by the police reads:

“Pursuant to the police report lodged by the Singapore General Hospital on Oct 20, 2015, in relation to the Hepatitis C cluster, police investigations have not revealed evidence to suggest any foul play.

“The Police have submitted their findings to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for review. The findings have also been shared with the Independent Review Committee (IRC) appointed by the Ministry of Health.”

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