This “new kid on the block along Geylang lorong 13, situated opposite Ah hung D24 Sultan Durian Stall operated by some gangster that lacked manners and they don’t keep true to their promises and claims.

I walked pass the other day and one guy from that stall came up to me and said “Open, good you buy, no good I throw”. So he picked one and open. It’s not good. Sourish and wet. It taste more like spoilt cheese. I said no good. He tilted his head upwards, with eyes staring slantly at me, knife pointing at the durian and say rudely “Why no good? Why is it no good?”. I said it’s too wet and not sweet. He continues to repeat like a parrot and say “Why no good? Why is it no good?”. I repeated myself and told him it’s too wet and not sweet.

Then he asks me, “This kind of price, you expect to be very good?”
Then I say, “If you think this is edible, I treat you eat. I pay for this and I want you to finish eating it, not even a drop wasted.”

Then without asking me, he picked another one to open. I tasted a bit and tell him it’s not good. Then he asks me again why? I say too wet, not sweet again. Then he asks me what kind of durian am I looking for? I say “You ask as if you have 100 types of durians. Don’t have good quality durians don’t talk cock and I am not buying since it’s not of good quality. He stared at me. I tell him not happy call police and I wait. After 5 mins I noticed he have no balls to poh mata so I left.

This stall is a must go in Geylang, if you usually don’t have guts to offend gangster. This is a good opportunity, to wind them up and walk away freely.

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