Dear Editor,

I am extremely dissatisfied with Courts Singapore. My delivery for fridge, washing machine, stove and oven did not arrive at all today, despite my receipt stating clearly that the deliveries would be today. Made a few calls and even went down to Courts to physically reschedule the deliveries. Wasted my off-day today.

To Courts, here’s some recommendations for improvement.

1. If customers make changes to their delivery appointment, make sure it’s reflected in your centralised system.
2. Confirm with your customers a few days earlier that they are expecting their deliveries.
3. Enhance your Track your Orders page. It’s not helpful at all. My items were shown as “in-transit” today but it ended in non-delivery.
4. Track the delivery. If deliveries have not been completed, quickly call customers and update them on the situation.
5. Strengthen your supplier relationships. Get your suppliers to understand and conform to your customers’ demands. If a customer specifies that an item needs to be delivered today, make sure it happens. Don’t push the blame and point the finger to the supplier. Think about your customer first and do all you can to make sure you and your supplier can deliver.

I hope this doesn’t happen the next time we shop at Courts.

Kenneth L.
A.S.S Reader

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