Dear ASS,

This is my response to this article (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/transgender-man-with-2-wives-admits-sex-with-teenage-girl)

It’s really fucked up that the first 6 paragraphs seem to be scandalising gender dysphoria instead of talking about the actual case, why is the story not juicy enough without including “she stuffed socks down the front of her underwear” or “she started wearing a strap-on dildo.”

Selina Lum, how do you sleep at night writing such gutter articles? As a journalist you should know that people who suffer from gender dysphoria are a minority group that face discrimination. Was it really necessary to scandalise the story? Also The Straits Times REALLY needs some sensitivity training. USE THE PROPER PRONOUNS for fuck’s sake.

The title “Woman admits to sexually abusing girl, 13” YES the person may have committed a crime and that’s fucked up, but as a newspaper using the proper pronouns IS important. You are a fucking newspaper, you are supposed to set an example.

If your journalistic investigation showed that the person had gender dysphoria why do you, Selina Lum, see a need to publish and let everyone know? Is this how insensitive and ignorant The Straits Times is?

How was this an okay thing to do? I also notice that this is a reoccurring problem – it seems that The Straits Times has some sick obsession with shaming trans people. #Transphobia

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Writer

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