My name is heng hock kee, I felt ashamed to be a Singaporean! This morning at around 9.20 am, I went to Geylang NPC to lodge a police report against 2 NEA officers, Namely, Muhammed Foraz Bin Ibrahim and Tan. When I reached Geylang NPC. I given all the relevant infomations to Sgt Mohd kamal, halfway through, I was told that the investigator by the name of ASP mohd faizal from Bedok police station want to speak to me on the phone.

Without second thought, I shared with ASP Mohd Faizal about my unpleasant encounter with the two officers from NEA, I was shock when ASP Mohd Faizal threatened to charged me double (in his own words) for giving false statement to Singapore Police Force!

In the first place, as a well experienced senior police investigator who having the rank of ASP, without gathering further relevant informations, how dare he claimed that I made the false statement. I challenged him to charge me with his own right, and ask his full name and rank in police, he cowardly said that he can not disclose his full name and rank over the phone.

I went further to challenge him is our conversations being recorded, he give me the assurance that there is no recording device on the phone. He hold the senior post in the Singapore police force, I gave him the benefit of doubt, and without questioning him further. However, I was puzzled that why there isnt any security system to safeguard the interest of police officers and general public in such a well established Singapore police force.

Again, I was being “instructed” by ASP mohd faizal to report to bedok police station at the point of time. He shamelessly told me to take a bus all the way from Geylang NPC to Bedok police station, I told him that is uncall for. Again, he “instructed” me to stay at Geylang NPC, he will make his way to come to Geylang NPC. I obliged.

However, while waiting for him for another twenty minutes or so, he called Sgt Mohd Kamal that he is busy investing another sensitive case, he could not meet me. What a laughing stock to a senior police officer, one minute he said that, the other minute he go back on his word! Is he selling roti prata, keep turning and turning!

First the unpleasant encounter with the NEA officers, now the joke from the Singapore Police Force. The Singapore civil servants only know how to threatened commoner us. They thought they are the one who call the short, well behave Singapore citizens were at their own expend. I do not buy the idea that Singapore civil servants are on top of the law, we law abiding Singapore citizen will be forever be their victim!

Is time to clean up the integrity of Singapore civil servants! Is time to wake up, Singapore civil servants. We have enough! Now my confidence level with the Singapore public service had gone down the drain! My dream with the Singapore civil servants had completely smash! I felt so shamed to be a Singaporean!

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