In an Facebook post that had gone viral, local netizen Imran Olsen shared an image of NEA officers confiscating curry puffs from an ‘illegal’ hawker stationed outside a mosque in Pasir Ris. Imran lamented that “the officers confiscated the usual karipaps and drinks we buy always after our Friday prayers”.

This incident happened at Masjid Al-Istighfar located in Pasir Ris and according to some onlookers, the ‘illegal’ hawker has been outside the mosque selling his food stuff every friday for many years. This was done with the Masjid’s permission.

Most who read the news were upset at the NEA officers for making life hard for the honest hawker.

One angry netizen said: “He’s selling curry puffs and drinks to make an honest living God damn it. Unlike you ridiculous officers working for the authorities, confiscating one’s rightful possessions and throwing them away and issuing unnecessary summons thus making one’s life more difficult than it already is. And you twats feed your families with that money that you earn. Such a pity.”

Another man agreed in unison and said ” we don’t mind buying them, in fact people after prayers look forward to buying it for families at home. stupid fuckers these officers. Nothing else better to do.. Knn”

On the flip side, people like Sashir agreed with NEA’s action and remarked “when your loved one dies or gets affected by food poisoning, let’s see who you’ll blame. Small minded people. They are working to protect us. Don’t bring religion into this picture and make it a issue. The fact that they confiscate means someone Complained. Go find that person. Don’t blame the authority.period.”

And there would jokers like Izad who wondered out loud where all those confiscated curry puffs would go to.. He quipped “So nea officer confiscate the karipap…one question after confiscating the karipap where does the karipap go..balik office share ramai pe…just a naughty thought inside my head haha….”

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