Dear Editors,

I received a big surprise today in my letter box. It was a incredible letter from my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me a few weeks ago. I thought we were both nursing our hearts and needed time to cool off. Little did I know she was plotting against me and wanted to demand compensation from me.

In her letter, she listed down ten reasons for wanting to break up with, most of it was blamed on my character flaws and how I did not live up to her expectations. Because of these reasons which were totally my fault, she said that I needed to compensate her for the time she spent with me. We were together for just six months and she wants me to pay her for the time she lost.

She divided her $2,500 monthly salary into an hourly wage of $15 per hour. Multiply this hourly wage with the average 40 hours were spent together every week. After her superb mathematics, she announced that I owed her $14,400 and I should be man enough to pay her this compensation. She told me I should treat this as a goodwill gift so that we can still remain friends and she will always say nice things about our time together.

On top of this per hour billing, she printed out her credit card statements and demanded I pay for all the dates which she so kindly paid for during our time together. This added up to another $3,485.

In total my crazy ex-girlfriend wanted me to pay her $17,885 for our short 6 months relationship. I am shocked and have no idea how to respond to such incredible demands. Is this what girls are demanding of your partners even if things do not work out?

What would you do if you in my shoes?

Chong Hao
A.S.S. Contributor

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