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I will let you in on a big secret~!
Recently, many people have been circulating a photo of a pretty model named Andrea, whose uncannily photogenic running pose was captured by a "sharp eyed photographer" during the Standard Chartered marathon run this year.
Adoring fans soon found her Instagram and many male fans swooned over all the beautiful photos in her account. Naturally being quite a pretty face, she got plenty of online fans after that.
But when netizens started digging deeper, they discovered something very sinister… One clever netizen decided to run a quick check on her marathon serial number and discovered that not only was Andrea registered under the name of "Kulvin Kaur", she did not even have any proper race records like race completion timing etc etc~!
So the truth~!
Andrea is part of a burgeoning industry of marathon models who are "paid" to run and be captured on film by photographers who are specially notified to look out for them. 
Training for the models starts months before the actual marathon, with long distance runs at East Coast Park or elsewhere, and circuit training most mornings of the week so that the models look fit and fab on the day of the run. 
On the day of the marathon, models are usually divided into teams and paired with a photographer or two. Depending on the number of photographers, they are asked to run sections of the race with breaks in between.
Of course knowing this might not change your mind towards the marathons. But the next time you see an unusually pretty or handsome marathon participant making the rounds on social media, you might have to pause and ask, "Is that a marathon model?"
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