A reader has sent us an email about his unhappy experience with a Cathay Pacific flight. According to him, his flight was supposed to have departed at 12.55AM today, but the flight ended up getting delayed until 4AM for unknown reasons. He says Cathay Pacific did not offer any other compensation other than a complimentary meal worth HKD75 (SGD10) in the airport food outlets, which was closed at that time. He says this standard of service is unacceptable for a major non-budget airline.

Read his account here.

Right now I am writing from Hong Kong International Airport.

Our flight CX412 from HKG to ICN on 06/12/2015 which was supposed to take off at 0055 hrs (GMT +8) has been delayed for 3 hours as of 0230 hrs for no apparent reason.

We have a connecting flight at Gimpo Airport in Seoul to Jeju at 1000 hrs. Travel insurance only covers flight delays for more than 5 hours.

Cathay Pacific has stated that if we flash our boarding pass,we can get a meal in the airport for HKD$75(approx SGD$10) However,all the food establishments in the terminal are closed now

Now I’m tired,hungry,and angry.CX has dampened my mood for what supposed to be a happy time. Nevermind that I didn’t get the seat that I originally chose online,but now I have to fork out more money for my Seoul to Jeju flight which I’m very sure I will miss.

I wouldn’t be mad if I booked Scoot and this happened,as I don’t expect much from budget air. I don’t care if budget air delay as you get what you pay for. I was onboard the Scoot flight that was delayed for very long to Sydney.But I expected it as I was flying budget air then.I paid $350 for that trip.I had no complaints as Budget air main service is to bring you from Point A to B

But now,I’m paying over $1000 for my air ticket on CX.I expect better. I only have myself to blame for not booking SQ.

Angry CX Passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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