Dear Editors,

My father is currently in NTFGH. He needs nursing care and assistance with daily activities. He is sick with various medical conditions and bed bound currently.

We requested for help for him to be admitted to a nursing home. We spoke to a Ms Woo Li Ling from NTF kidney department, after waiting 1.5hrs for her to be back from her lunch. We skipped lunch for fear that we may missed her. She strolled into the ward slowly at the end of the visiting hours. We need help. We hope that she can and will help us. But nothing positive came out from the brief 5min conversation.

She was very arrogant. She insisted that our father be discharged next week, without empathy for his current condition. She said that she can probably try to put in a request for us for him to be placed in a nursing home but the wait would be 3-6 months. We asked for an alternative solution like transferring him to the community hospital in the meantime as he need rehabilitation as well. But Ms Woo justbrushed us off that she is not sure if my father even meets the criteria. Without giving us any assurance that she would help, she just walked away. We are really at a loss of what to do now. We can’t just leave Ms Woo to not do anything. This is really sad.

In fact, since early 2015, we have be asking for help from the Social workers (Ms Fan Xin Yue and Ms Tan Xin Yee) at the hospital but nothing has been done.

We tried to look for alternatives through the MOH-Singapore Silver pages but all they can tell us was to get a domestic helper (snap shot of online chat conversation attached) or go through the medical social workers at the hospital (back to square one). The social workers have also asked us to get a domestic helper but what we need is nursing care for my father. We cannot understand why the Ministry kept asking us to go for domestic help instead of helping us to apply for a nursing home.

Are they promoting that people should rely on foreign domestic help? Is the Ministry not serious in helping our pioneers when they need help? Our next step is probably to try to see the MP during one of those meet-the-people session, if we do get to see him…..

Disappointment Singaporean
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