Observant riders on the Downtown Line 2 which opened yesterday spotted a glaring mistake for one of the MRT station’s Tamil translations: in an attempt to spell “Tan Kah Kee” station in Tamil script, the station name was mistakenly translated as “Paan Kah Kee”.

This comes on the heels of previous Tamil translation gaffes made by government bodies and political parties. In 2014, iconic hawker center Lau Pa Sat was erroneously translated as “Lau Pa Sani (trans: Saturday or Satan)” in Tamil. Opposition parties SingFirst and the National Solidarity Party also suffered from poor Tamil translations that amounted to nothing more than gibberish in the recent general elections.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has since issued an apology for the incorrect Tamil translation on Saturday evening.

“We apologise for the error in the Tamil translation of Tan Kah Kee station and would be taking immediate action to have the station name replaced. This would be done before the stations open for passenger service on Dec 27, 2015.”

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