I am writing this on the behalf of a friend to protect his privacy.

My friend Jonas is a student that is currently on holiday so he is looking for a job. He saw a few ads online last night and decided to message a person regarding a one month position. The person replied this morning and they arranged an interview around 1pm today at the CFP Building at Bishan. The building name is misleading because it turns out to be Recruit Express. He arrived at 1pm sharp and messaged the person of his arrival. She didn’t reply. So someone gave him a form to fill up and he waited there with a few other candidates.

During the 45mins that he was waiting, he noticed the behaviour of the recruiters that were very unprofessional. They were laughing out loud among themselves, talking loudly and swearing! All this scene happened in front of the candidates and when one recruiter realised that, he told the candidates to wait in another room that was enclosed so they couldn’t hear them. My friend Jonas was kinda pissed at that time so he walked off.

About an hour later, the person he was supposed to meet messaged him asking where he is so he told her he went away. Basically, that lady was all along in the office, joking around with her colleges instead of doing her job as a recruiter. When Jonas told her he went away, he was expecting at least a common courtesy of that lady to say “sorry for making you come down and wait” but what he got was “are you coming back later”. At that point, he didn’t respond because he understood Recruit Express was an inefficient and useless agency. The problem right here is not about how long he waited but about how these “recruiters” treated my friend and the other candidates in an very unprofessional way.

I hope this article reaches the management of Recruit Express Bishan as I couldn’t find any contact on their website.

Thank you for reading and to all the job seekers, don’t waste your time on Recruit Express.

A.S.S. Contributor

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