These are just some of the disgusting comments made on this post by MSF Singapore

I am not going to talk about the video recording. What bugs me is the fucked up self righteous ignorant comments made. Singaporeans have been so brainwashed that “welfare” is a bad thing that they instantly believe that anyone seeking welfare must be lazy and just out to steal taxpayers monies.

Look WELFARE IS A THING. As much as the Singapore rhetoric tells us it’s a bad thing, welfare is something every society needs to function, even our unique asian valued Singaporean society.

What really disgust me is all these privileged people who most likely never had to worry about being able to go to school, being judged based on skin colour(it fucking happens if you are Chinese DON’T try to argue me on this point)Not having enough options till you have to resort to crime. There are people in singapore who do not enjoy the same amount of privilege as you, there are poor people here, there are people who have to worry about their next meals.

Its not your fault that these things happened to these people, BUT you are have a little more empathy and NOT BE ASSHOLES TO THEM.

Just look at the comments, is this the cold uncaring singapore you want? Also to the people in the pictures shame on you.

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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