A reader has sent in a full account of what happened at the Causeway on Wednesday night, where a fight between Singapore taxi drivers and a Malaysian motorcyclist was caught on camera.

See the video:

Read our reader’s account here.

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to address a matter that happen on Wednesday night at woodlands causeway.Thats the reason 15 of us created this incident enquiry page.

This is what actually happen:on Wednesday night 2th December around 12 to 1 am. This motorist (taking a helmet hacking people and car in the video) cut the vehicle lane as the motor lane is very jam. Then the car horn at him and the motorist kick the door and ask the passenger for a fight.

Eventually the passenger ask him what he wants now and he take his helmet and hit the tall guy, who is the passenger and the driver came out the vehicle. The motorist then take the helmet and hit the driver’s hand.

The motorist shouted loudly almost all the motorist at the scene heard. He shouted: “once you guys pass johor custom I and my people confirm take chopper chop you guys.”

When the passenger and driver walk away he take his helmet and throw at the car bonect. When police officers arrived, the motorist insisted on leaving and scolded. A lot people heard and saw his action but he did not left successfully as the custom officers did their JOB.

Best wishes,
Fight that happen at sg woodland causeway

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