My friend, a twice divorcee, actually wanted to apply for a HDB with her son.

She is currently residing also in HDB and too costly to maintain.

She check with HDB of her eligibility to purchase BTO, and it is yes.

She managed to got a queue and have paid the first deposit of S$2000.00, and went to lot of other places to obtain all required document that HDB requested.

she then called HDB to check on her eligibilities to obtain HDB loan instead of Bank loan.

Best joke of the day, HDB officer provided her two solutions.

1. to have 100K of saving, proofing to HDB and HDB will provide a loan amount of 26K to 55K.
If my friend has 100K of saving, I doubt she needs to loan!

2. to get married again to get HDB loan.
Make me suspect those fake marriage case could also be a guideline from HDB.

Hopes went down the drain!

HDB called her to inform her that actually SHE IS NOT ELIGIBLE to buy a BTO, and that it is their error and that HDB is sorry and will return her the down payment of S$2K!

Again the HDB officer reminded her “you can married again to get the BTO”, this is so upsetting.

For HDB it is pretty easy, a sorry and to my friend it is a experience that guess she will never forget.

Do not quite understand how can HDB only notice she is not eligible after so many round of conversation and so many times of her visit to HDB.

For HDB it is pretty easy, just inform the applicant of the error, return them the 2K deposit and that’s that.

So been only a commoner, we have to accepts and forgive and forgo all error done by the government department and just keep quiet and let life carry on with so much of resentment in them.

I am equally shock wth my friend incident and do hope should any one of those who read this, they have better get double or better triple confirmation if their application goes through and also make the officer write the name.

Am pretty depressed to hear this.

Dr Lee Bee Wah, i have thought government have mentioned that HDB will be made affordable for all Singaporean!

I think residing in HDB is a path for single and/or one time divorcee.

This is so sad and am really badly disturbed with the way HDB handle this matter.

Does us been a common Singaporean have to get adapt to all sort of biased treatment from government bodies?

Aris Lee Kian Hua
A.S.S. Contributor

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