What began as a brief encounter has now turned into a nightmare for Miss Chua, a 41 year-old sales manager.

A week ago, Miss Chua met a younger 31 year-old man on messaging app BeeTalk. The two had been chatting via the online app for a few days, but eventually ended up meeting and exchanging “body fluids” orally.

But things went awry when Miss Chua, a divorcee with an 18 year-old daughter, found out from her friend that the man she had met could be a carrying a venereal disease.

According to the friend, who is a carrier of the Herpes Type 2 disease, she had met the same man over the messaging app and had protected sex with the man. She says that the man had told her that he was infected with the Herpes Type 1 disease. Miss Chua however, was unaware that the man was infected when they became intimate.

Frightened and alarmed, Miss Chua called the police to bring the man into questioning for willfully transmitting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) despite knowing that he was a carrier. When approached by reporters, the man denied that he has Herpes Type I.

According to Miss Chua, she first got to know the man, who works as a paramedic, through the online app some time ago. She claims she saw the relationship as a way to ease her boredom in her free time and had no intention to meet. However, the man wanted more from the relationship and subsequently turned up at her doorstep under the pretext of giving her pet dog some milk treats.

When the two met last Thursday, he gave her the milk treats and started behaving intimately with her. He then took out a condom and propositioned her, causing Miss Chua to reject him angrily. He left her home at 2AM the next day.

Although Miss Chua felt that that would be the last encounter she would have with the man, she later found out about the man’s STD from her friend when they both realized that they had spoken to the same paramedic.

Miss Chua has since sent herself for STD checks at a hospital, but doctors have warned that results would not be accurate until at least 6 months from her intimate encounter.

Speaking about her ordeal, Miss Chua told reporters that she now fears making contact with her 18 year-old daughter, her friends and family. She says that she now uses separate utensils and cutlery from her daughter when having their meals together.

When contacted, the paramedic at the center of this drama said that he too has gone for a STD check, and furnished a test result slip, which showed that he tested negative for HIV but positive for Herpes Type 1.

Under the law, only carriers of HIV are required to notify the other party of their status prior to intimacy.

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