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I refer to this: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/%5Bgpgt%5D-pinoys-tell-sinkie-watch-his-words-after-he-said-orchard-road-has-flood-pinoy-5247578.html

These over sensitive pinoys were very unhappy when a Singaporean, Mr Seet, exclaimed “What happen to orchard? First the flood of pinoy and now this! Orchard is no longer the heart of singapore…”

The Singaporean was only expressing his surprise upon hearing that a christmas tree caught fire in orchard road.

Instead, hordes of pinoys converged in the comments section and told him to watch his words. More and more pinoys arrived and started to scold him. This is very unreasonable because if the Singaporean has any grudge with pinoys, there are worse things he would have said. Instead he just said ‘flood of pinoy’. He was just saying a hard truth – Orchard road has tons of pinoys now

He was simply yearning for the old days when he talked about Orchard no longer being the ‘heart of singapore’, Any sensible reader would not see any xenophobia in his comment. Is it wrong to state facts and express a yearning for the old days? No!

Instead of asking him to clarify what he meant and trying to reason with him, the hordes of pinoys criticized him, with many calling him a racist. This only made matters worse. The pinoys could not understand the Singaporean’s view and instead became too defensive and noisy, derailing the thread. It would perhaps have been better if the pinoys had engaged in constructive debate.

Oversensitive Pinoys
A.S.S. Contributor

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