A reader has shared a Facebook post by Putih Merah Hitam about a rude and unforgiving PRC Certis Cisco warden who gave him a parking summons for not displaying a parking coupon. He says that despite being just beside his vehicle when the officer was issuing the summon, the officer refused to acknowledge his presence and did not even bother to listen to his explanation. In the end, the officer told him that “If you are good to me, I don’t summon you… If you are bad I summon you.”

Read his account here.

Officer came infront of my lorry n checking for my coupon… i saw that cos im just opp side of my lorry. So this is what i do like any of us will do…

i walk towards him n shouted at him sir!! Sir!! He ignore me but continuing using the machine…. sir sir hello mr… he still ignore me untill i came face to face with him… so i tell him nicely that i am just around the corner. Buying a packet of coffee and the coffee shop is just infront of my lorry only a few stepss… but this officer kept using the machine and even take a picture of my lorry… he even say “u re not here lorr” i see no coupon.!! But i have already explain to him that i am only standing right infront of my lorry but not away from my lorry.. but this CHINA OFFICER THAT CISCO EMPLOY IS RUDE.. he kept saying u re not here wat….

now cisco, is this how u teach officer to face public??? U guys are only been outsource… look at the situation case to case not just summon or take a picture blindly…. a chinaman wearing that uniform and issuing summon to citizen…. and talking rude as if he is in the market… shame… i feel shame now days singapore is not like before…. a real singapore doesnt exist anymore. With this foreigners behaving like this… recently was LTA officer caught heating cabby now… cisco being rude..

I HAVE WITNESS FROM THE COFFEE SHOP ALL OF THEM WAS LOOKING AT ME N THE OFFICER AS I AM TRYING TO EXPLAIN…. but he kept saying u re not here wat…. i take picture lorrr…. and last he did mention… if u re good to me i dont summon u… if u re bad i summon u… wtf…cisco hello!!!!!! Make this viral

Putih Merah Hitam
A.S.S. Reader

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