Mr Lee Zhong Jie, you ruined the marriage. A marriage is all about two strong people, the husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other to keep the marriage on going. It takes two hands to clap, I promise to do anything to keep it going. I give you all the freedom you want, all the love and care you desired. You said you wanna hang out more often with your friends, I compromised.

Subsequently, you start to visit club/ Thai disco more often… whereas I am the one staying home taking care of our son every night. We should take equal responsibility to take care of our son, no? You had missed out on his milestones forever. You cheated, lied for so long. You have an affair with a Thai girl, text and talk to her behind my back. And you can even tell her that I have other guy outside when I don’t? I kept everything to myself, I can do anything to save our marriage. I can forgive you just to save our family. In addition, I can even treat it as nothing happen just for the sake of giving our son a complete family.

You promised me you will leave the Thai girl? However you cheat on me endlessly. You elaborate all the procedure and details of you with the Thai girl on bed, no? How the both of you ended up in hotel? I couldn’t hold back my tears, it’s all pain, excruciating pain. You wanna divorce so badly just because you’re not ready for a marriage? Then why would you make me pregnant and married me in the first place? Why cheat after vowing to love and take care of our son? Why abandoned your own flesh and blood at home yet you’re always outside enjoying with other girls? Why sabotage our future just like that? I realized a thousand words couldn’t bring you back anymore, I tried, neither could a thousand tears.

It’s extremely sad when I was so hurt for the past few months until I am somehow used to it. I distract myself, focus fully on our son to stay strong and I really appreciate your Dad, Sister and my family members for encouraging and consoling me. Yes I know it’s nice to give second chances, umpteen chances, for you to realize and amend your mistakes. I was so looking forward for a positive changes from you. Who is next? A Malaysian girl that you met at Club gaga? Telling other girl that you’ve got no wife and child? Ultimately, you slap and punch my face, you abuse me physically. Why abuse? Many women experience it, but no one deserve this including me. I applied for PPO, kept waiting for you to turn back one day… But who is going to be the next after next? Ain’t you remorseful, guilt and ashamed at all? There is always a new one coming, ain’t you tired of playing and sleeping with different girls?

You mentioned about divorce again, how you want our son and me to leave the house? I’ll grant your wish.

I realized it’s not within me to bring the marriage back anymore. It’s not within me to give our son a complete family anymore. It’s not within me to keep compromising, forgiving and amending anymore. It’s not just me… I applied for separation today, because I don’t want to hold onto something that isn’t there anymore. I don’t want to cry myself to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night anymore. I don’t want to face the fear of losing you again and again. I don’t want to constantly feeling so lousy of myself anymore. I’ll stay strong and move on.

This is not the end yet just the beginning for me. I was done, no more crying, even my tears had given up on him. 为了这个家我尽心尽力,以为你会回心转意。但是你越陷越深,我无能为力。To all the single mother out there, please stay strong because we need to double up the role of the fatherly and mother loves to our child. And to all the single ladies out there, please be aware of him! Lee Zhong Jie! Don’t be the next victim like me. Unless you don’t mind being cheated, lied, abandoned and abused for.


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