Dear ASS Editors,

So, I heard about many stories on Grabcar, but did not particularly meet any bad drivers, just probably rude ones, until yesterday.

Booked a cab with the promo code and waited for the car at Lot 1. The driver only arrived at 7.55pm even though he was supposed to be opposite Lot 1 based on GPS coordinates.

Boarded and upon clicking pick up, his attitude and behaviour turned bad.

Driver (D): Wah, you got promo code, so this ride is free lah. No need to pay anything.
Me (M): Ya la. Free so can take lo.

D: Like that you no need take taxi lo. No free you don’t take Grabcar lah. So Grabcar die lo.
M: Depends on situation ma.

D: Next time you go taxi stand refer people take Grabcar. Get $8 everytime then no need work lo. Just take free ride.
M (trying to change subject): Is this a new car?

D: Doesn’t matter. Free ride ma. Can’t tell old or new car ar?
M: Should be new, I test drive this model before.

D: Why you test drive? You like free things, why will you buy car?
M: Test drive so that in future maybe can follow you rent a new car.

M: Can you drive by KJE/BKE to the destination?
D: Fare is fixed. So driver decides the route. Anyway, your ride is free. Don’t have to worry. The most only delay by 10 minutes, no big deal.

This is the kind of driver that Grab engaged? Worst, I called Grab hotline and was informed that they will not get back to me regarding on what actions they are taking for this matter. This means that either the driver will continue to exhibit such shit behaviour, or they may sacked him without alerting the complainant.

The CS person from Grab even say that different companies have different policies as to whether they get back to the complainant.

Till then, I think I had travelled on my last Grab. Really disgusting behaviour. No wonder there are calls for regulation by parties, which I was initially opposed to. Maybe, they need it now.

Booking number: ADR-7531856-2-000
Driver: Ong TXXX XXXX
Vehicle No. SKU 6709I

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