Hello All Singapore Stuff Editors,

On a forum , I see a post about a filipino foreign talent comment on the Singapore Carls Junior facebook page. He ask a really funny question on whether the burger was halal and nxt said that as christian he cannot eat halal food.

I wonder how true is this teaching? Are christians forbidden to eat food that was prayed or blessed by other religions?

In singapore, we are multi-racial and multi religious so I have never heard my christian friends tell me such restrictions on them before. Most of the time, they accommodate to my halal requirements and we go halal food places to makan without any problem. I hope such good sensitivity will continue and foreigners will take the effort to learn our harmony practices to maintain good relationships.

With more foreigners coming into singapore, I hope more sense will be put to this topic. Hoping this is not true or it be harder for friends to eat together nxt times.

Muhammad Shahid
A.S.S. Contributor

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