Dear Editors,

I met this guy through Tinder app. His profile was 25, Singapore Chinese male. His interest was in economics and he told me he work as a stocks trader and has a apartment near Raffles area. I unfortunately could not recall his name and all our conversation messages was deleted after he blocked me on Tinder. We were supposed to go on a first date together. I refuse in the first place because I had not known the guy for a long time but after persistent asking and friend who told me she met guys through online app, I agreed. He told me he will make reservations at an Italian restaurant he frequented. I agreed and asked if $50 is enough to pay for my share of dinner ( as I am a student studying for my degree)

In the message, he told me he will treat me. I brought extra money just in case. When I met him, He was dressed in very casual pink triangle print t shirt and light blue drawstring pants who he keep pulling on all through the meal later. He was around 1.75m. He had a ugly pimple on his left side of the face.

He brought me to Casa Tartufo restaurant. He was quite sarcastic and rude to the waiters through the meal. I actually thought just finish the dinner and never meet this person again. He was the definition of an asshole. During awkward conversation, he told me he lost a girlfriend in a accident, his family was rich apparently ( his father was some developer), he study overseas ( his Chinese was pretty weirdly accented for a Singaporean).

During the dinner he ordered expensive truffle pasta, risotto and wine. In the end of the dinner, he went off to the toilet and never return. I had to pay $600 in restaurant bill. The restaurant owners were called and they told me this was the second time he came. The first, he was drunk and went through a wrong door. The owner’s wife was pretty upset about this and therefore remember him. She urged me to report to police and they will release the CCTV images if asked.

Following this incident, I made a police report, however the policemen told me there was no case against the guy even in the event he was caught. Tinder refuse to release the messages conversation without a police warrant.

This is a warning to girls who use the app. In case anything that happens, Tinder will not release any information. Please do your self checks before meeting strange guys on Tinder. Never ever go with a guy you meet on Tinder to a posh restaurant on the first date ( you never know). This is very unbelievable that it happen in Singapore. I share this in order to warn people against this guy. Meanwhile I believe karma will catch up with this person.

Angry Girl
A.S.S. Contributor

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