Dear Editors,

I went to SAM machine at Ubi outside Giant Supermarket to purchase stamps with different values, this is very normal matter as I have been buying stamp using SAM machine all along and nothing went wrong before. To my shock, when i collected the printed stamps, all the stamps are blank without any value indicated except the machine number S256 (please refer to photo). How on earth am i going to use?

I immediately called the telephone number printed on the machine and spoken to the customer services representative named Sumit. He assured me after he checked that i can simply walk to any post office to have a 1-to-1 exchange.

But things does not turn that simple, I queued up at Bedok Post office, I was told to wait while the lady went into the office to check, i told her that i actually spoken to the officer and was told that I can make a 1-to-1 exchange of the stamps, but this lady told me,”The CS does not know anything!!!” I rolled my eyes, if CS cannot advice, then what is the purpose of leaving us the hotline number to call when we need help. After waiting for almost half an hour, and this is my lunch hour, the lady enter in and out of the room and finally I told her i have to leave for lunch, then she said need to fill up form, they need to send to headquarter to verify and justify and etc.

I am having all this hassle due to SAM machine in fault? She even told me need to wait about 2-4 weeks to revert to me!!! I really do not know what is efficiency and effectiveness when they cannot resolve this simple exchange. I have all the receipt and returned them all the “no value” stamp and yet they still need 2-3 weeks to review.

I am very disappointed with all these companies, it is not my fault and yet i need to go through all these hassle, imagined i missed my lunch because of queue and waiting time and cannot get back the stamps. I bought again from other machines after that.

What happened to all customer services in these companies, they cannot even provided helpful advice and simply brushed off by giving a false solution.

Ms Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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