I have recently attended my MUT ICT at 2PDF. I came in with a possible of tear meniscus injury and was limping throughout the ICT and was granted by MO excuse field training. However the training officer overwrite it and insist me to be on field at Sanyong Kong camp, Pulau Tekong. I have to mount and dismount tonner with help of camp mate. Suffer pain walking on uneven grounds. Suffer from pain during sleep through the training due to intensive walking.

My question:

1) Does training officer have the right to overwrite MO issued medical certification?

2) What does SAF define as field training?

3) Is Sanyong Kong camp, Pulau Tekong consider field or non-field?

4) By placing a soldier in a condition that is highly risking further injuring himself a safety measure by SAF?

5) Who should be responsible if my condition was worsen due to this decision during this ICT?

FYI, till date I am still in the mid of treatment.

I have written this complaint and seeking the above questions to be answered however the only call I received was asking me if this was a complaint or a feedback. And also will either asked an officer to revert to me or the training officer I have referred to contact me. Why would you ask the officer mentioned in the revert and not a higher ranking officer?

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